patrizi's food truck Menu



Open 5pm to 11 until 11 seven days a week.


We use only fresh homemade pasta made with local eggs, semolina flour, salt, and nutmeg

Pomodoro - $11.5 (v) organic tomatoes, garlic confit, butter, and salt.  served with fresh ricotta and a tuft of basil
Patrizi’s Red Sauce - $10.5 Family’s tomato sauce stewed with onions, garlic, garden herbs, pork trimmings, and cheese rinds. add a meatball for $5
Cacio e Pepe - $11.5 (v) grana padano cheese, pepper, and olive oil
The Great Leopold - $11 (v) basil and arugula pesto, served with pumpkin seeds, crushed red chilis, and lemon zest
Carbonara Alexandra - $12.5 house cured and smoked pancetta (bacon), coddled egg yolks (eggs), grana padano (cheese) 
Karah’s Diavolo - $10 (v) lemon, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, and chilis mix in a little egg yolk for $1

Pasta Additions

Casu di Fita Cheese - $3 aged and brined “feta” style cheese. try it on the Diavolo
Patrizi’s Honey - $1 Chef Patrick’s seasonally harvested honey.  Goes great on the cacio e pepe and the carbonara
House Farm Cheese - $3 creamy and acidic cultured cheese
Meatball - $5 family’s beef and pork meatballs with bread crumbs
Garlic Confit - $1 slow poached cloves in olive oil
Coddled Egg Yolk - $1 local egg, quickly coddled, creamy, delicious
Chicken Arrosto - $4 Roasted chicken with lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and rosemary
Smoked Pancetta (bacon!) - $3 cured for 7-10 days and smoked on live oak
Hot Italian Peppers - $1.5 Local pickled peppers.  Not for the faint of heart

Small Plates

Bruschetta - $7 assortment of seasonal bruschetta on ciabatta
Patrizi’s Salad - $5.5 family’s house salad, with giardiniera, pickled onions, and yumminess
Roasted Beets - $5.5 roasted local beets, fresh ricotta cheese, lemon zest, and pickled onions
Italian Squash Antipasto - $5.5 olive oil marinated zucchini and yellowneck squash, grana, pepper
Garlic Bread - $6 grilled ciabatta, poached garlic, and grana
Marfa Tomatoes - $6 fresh tomatoes, confit tomatoes, house cheese, and fresh herbs
Bread and Beef Fat - $3 toasted day old ciabatta, beef fond, and grana
Local Vegetable - $6 seasonally prepared veggies from the local farms